I know this wave, from another time, another

longitude, another sand dune, sand dial, sand

sculpture, another isle, with another swoon,

another tide formed against the wishes of an

unforgiving sea goddess, waves woven from

her minacious tresses, covets coalesce in untidy

tidelines. I know this piece of coast from another

maroon vessel, another sternpost, another

argute watch deck, another hue, another fugacious

view, another selkie blue, between midnight and

wild violet, shades broken by waters that sit

still awaiting the return of a restive moon.

Donia G. Mounsef grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a Canadian-Lebanese poet, playwright, and dramaturge. She splits her time on either side of the Canadian Shield, between Toronto and Edmonton where she teaches theater and poetry at the University of Alberta. She is the author of a poetry collection Plimsoll Lines (Urban Farmhouse Press, 2018), and a chapbook Slant of Arils (Damaged Goods Press, 2015), reviewed in Fruita Pulp.