an archive of pure sand is an impossibility

gills go silentPrevaricator Rock:

“maybe worship is the safest kind of fear”                            she really loves
her father,
the socialist                     “i hear praise and
not faint praise”
of true socialists
that kill “i’ll give you something to cry about” :


she needed to get to the ocean so she followed the river
to a basin
                           i.e. solace like an ice bath.


most often we could recognize a foreign substance as not being
most often we grew up in one of countless settlements
where light is bought
and thrown away.
                the ponies touched noses-          wings made her want
her daddy           in the bellies
and digestive systems of those who could not recognize
a foreign substance as inedible
                                                                                               we decayed


actions drifted through us
as our last divisions shook :
             as human character changed
             as hidden sides were co          apprehended :
             as cowardice subtended
             rule of law
                                         and heart told mushroom- heart

LOUISE AKERS is a poet, non-fiction writer, and activist living in Providence, RI. She is a current MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University and received her BA in English and Art History from Boston University.