i anchor :  like      beside her dream

scale varies      yet          “horizon”
must insinuate                a totalling
to subjects                        at the flip- side
of the world :

and for the horses          running            with her dead
                                             and the horses stilling
silent over positive
a universe of beings starts to poke up                 by the bones


her worldnesses compete                         with mine
my givenness enjoins                                 on her
a hygiene :

the precision of a canto;
and deathof
and an agile   grin

make us strong like crows


see          viaduct see
the certain furrow        of a wake ?

i envy her her passage and her            passengers -

the quintessence of her horses : care

LOUISE AKERS is a poet, non-fiction writer, and activist living in Providence, RI. She is a current MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University and received her BA in English and Art History from Boston University.