The Eye Garden portrays the happiness and peace of powerful women and all those who identify as such, locating the moments in which they radiate creativity, intelligence, and delight for the natural world. This series is an homage to their ongoing resilience, in hopes of uplifting the spirit and internal strength of the viewer.

-Jessamyn Wolff

We first stumbled across Jessamyn’s work as the header image of a GoFundMe campaign. That campaign aimed to take her work to a gallery show she’d been selected for in Boston earlier this year. What appealed to us immediately was the sense of calm power in her portraits: female-identifying people are made mythological and monumental in these digital flights of fancy. Her work is momentary, playful, and presses at the viewer with blocking colors and bold simplicity. Jessamyn, an amateur visual artist pursuing an advanced degree in poetry, embodies what we love so much about the spirit of Mortar: artists working outside formalized system to create narrative that toys with and challenges our preconceptions.

-The Editors

The following images were first exhibited in Boston at the Conceptual Arts show in May 2019.

Image-76 (1).png

Jessamyn Wolff is a poetry MFA student at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is currently working on a collection of illustrated poetry, and happily shares her work on Instagram @theeyegarden. Wolff’s visual art recently appeared in Conception Arts’ pop-up gallery in Boston, and her poems have been published in Write on the Dot, Porkbelly Press, and Hanging Loose Press.